Easy and Elegant

About Us


7+ years!

I have been making these lovely Scarf Tops 

and selling them at markets 

all across Colorado since 2011.

To order more please email me.


Fabric Care

The Scarf Tops are made from a 

Viscose-Acrylic Blend. 

Hand washing is best, 

then lay it out to air dry. 

Since it is a woven fabric, deviations in threading are natural. Please use caution not to snag, 

and keep away from jewelry. 

If snagging occurs, you can usually 

rework the fabric to smooth it out, 

or give the thread a little snip. 


Versatile. Comfortable. Beautiful.

We are committed to putting the "fun" in functional fashion. While shopping with us, 

we want you to be completely happy 

with the experience. 

If you have questions about our product, 

or want to order another Scarf Top, get in touch!